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Bike Burrito

Just came across these Bike Burrito Tool Wraps today via Fritz at Cyclelicious.  I went ahead and ordered the regular size and once it gets here I’ll post a review of it.  I think it will work great.  I don’t think I’ll be strapping it under my seat but I’ll be putting it in my backpack for commuting and it will keep all my tools and tubes from making their way to the bottom of my bag.

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Confession #2

Like every other roadie out there, I have my pet peeves about cars that don’t signal before they turn, other roadies who refuse to acknowledge you when you wave, etc.  But by far, the most annoying thing to encounter is the sneak drafter.  You know their type:  they sneak into your draft and don’t have the courtesy to either inform you of their presence or take a turn at the front so you can take a break.  Essentially, they are inconsiderate freeloaders with no concept of proper etiquette.

My tactic when I realize I’ve picked up one of these road lice is to either maintain cadence and gear ratio on a short hill instead of clicking to an easier gear–usually this is guaranteed to spit them off the back as they aren’t expecting me to keep charging. The second is to just slow down until they catch a clue and pass me.

On a recent sunny afternoon, I was just riding along when I noticed my shadow on the pavement had doubled:  I had acquired a wheel sucker. And not just any wheel sucker, but an aero bar wheel sucker.  I have nothing against folks who race either TT or Triathalons, but last time I checked, 3:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday in September on a Seattle roadway isn’t either the Ironman or the Tour de France Prologue, so double dousche-bag points for my tail.  I tried tactic one, and he hung tight. Next I slowed down.  A lot. Again, no dice.

So I scratched my brain.  I considered just pulling over and explaining to him.  I considered stopping.  But then I hit on a solution that in one phlegm covered moment seared the error of his ways into his brain:  I blew a giant snot rocket over my shoulder.  The resulting, “HEY!!!” was priceless.  As was my innocent reply:  ”Oh, Did I hit you with snot? I didn’t realize you were there; I guess next time you should let someone know you’re drafting.”

This has been a submission to the iheartbikes confidential confessional…

Shimano Alfine

I have been using the Shimano Alfine group for the past year.  I was really excited to get my hands on this group as it was exactly what i had been looking for to build up my ultimate commuter bike.  Continue reading for the basics and my thoughts.

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Confession #1

I rode my mtn bike in a wilderness area…

I know it’s a wilderness area, so no mechanized transport, but it’s open to horses, and since one of my favorite trails gets trashed on a regular basis by equestrians, and I’ve NEVER seen one of them get off their “high horse” to do anything but yell at cyclists (ie no trail maintenence), I decided to see if the grass is any greener on that side of the fence.

It IS!!!



Line of Cars

Today as I left for work it was threatening to rain.  I checked the radar, watched the news, and thought I’ll be okay.  Also, they were reporting the a semi had stopped in the Interstate heading into town and traffic was backed up about 13 miles.  That didn’t really both me as my commute is in the opposite direction but it was still interesting.  I got about ten minutes form home and it started raining.  Great another cold/wet commute to work.  Then I started thinking that my clothes won’t be dry for the ride home.  Double Great. 

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Getting in Trouble

I finally got Colin to do a cross race a couple weeks ago. It was good fun and muddy. Colin and I both rode our single speed bikes, not in the single speed class either, we raced D’s.  I don’t necessarily think there needs to be a single speed class, I go into this at a later time.  I think that might have actually been a good move as there was not much shifting going on after the first lap.  It seemed everybody’s chain/cassette was covered in mud or peanut butter.  

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