Getting in Trouble

I finally got Colin to do a cross race a couple weeks ago. It was good fun and muddy. Colin and I both rode our single speed bikes, not in the single speed class either, we raced D’s.  I don’t necessarily think there needs to be a single speed class, I go into this at a later time.  I think that might have actually been a good move as there was not much shifting going on after the first lap.  It seemed everybody’s chain/cassette was covered in mud or peanut butter.  

Cyclocross Race

The start really sucked as it was a mass start in I was in the back 1/4 of the field.  Not really where I wanted to be.  It worked out okay as I was on the outside and able to pass a good portion of the field before the first corner.  I pushed hard and continued to pass people and the leaders kept staying the same distance from me.  I couldn’t seem to gain on them.  

Over the four laps I gain a couple more positions and seemed to settle in where I was going to finish.  In the final lap i was able to pass two or three more people and ended up in 10th.  Not bad for my first cross race in three years.

However I did manage to get into a little trouble.  I had planned to have a beer handed to me on the last lap.  The hand off went well and I was able to cross the finish line with beer in hand.  While trying to locate my friends I was hanging out by the start/finish line.  Where one of the officials approached me and told me not to do that again.   It was sort of funny being scolded for having fun.  Oh well, I guess I am a trouble maker.


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