Line of Cars

Today as I left for work it was threatening to rain.  I checked the radar, watched the news, and thought I’ll be okay.  Also, they were reporting the a semi had stopped in the Interstate heading into town and traffic was backed up about 13 miles.  That didn’t really both me as my commute is in the opposite direction but it was still interesting.  I got about ten minutes form home and it started raining.  Great another cold/wet commute to work.  Then I started thinking that my clothes won’t be dry for the ride home.  Double Great. 


Ten minutes later the rain began letting up and had pretty much stopped at the half way point.  Phew, I won’t get soaked to the bone today.  Just a little wet.  I think I can deal with that.

As I am approaching the street that takes me the final stretch to work I see that it is backed up.  Guess why.  Yes, the stopped semi from earlier was causing numerous cars to overflow onto surface streets.  I must have passed about 50 cars in one stretch where I normally pass 10 at most and all of them were sitting still.  I started to feel better about the fact that I rode today.  Seeing all of those people trapped in their cars at the mercy of traffic made the fact that I got a little wet earlier okay.


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